Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scene 6

There's nothing much to say... Would it work to point the reasons? No one would understand the hell I've been living with myself and the pain of enduring all of this without saying anything, without being able to scream, without being able to ask for help. And when I do ask, people think it's just drama, that I'm playing the victim. What happens is that no one really knos what's happening. No one cares... And it was in those moments that I realized I'm on my own and only I can help myself.

A pain and a sadness so deep that sometimes it seems that psychological matters turn into physical issues.

Sorrow opens the soul. And, I've realized all the mistakes I've made. But there's no way I could change them. When I say “realize”, it's waking up really. When it hit me I thought: “What did I do?”. Too late. It's already done. People were hurt too much to forgive me. I acted on impulse. I acted taken by a desire of revenge, and ended up becoming all that I most abhore in a human being.

The only thing to do now is wait... Maybe, with time, something will resolve themselves. Or they'll get worse...

I've come to the conclusion that there's no sense in my life anymore. It's been days I've been searching but... Nothing really.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scene 5: Perfect for each other

- She's following us.

- No.

- Yes she is.

- Is she?

- Yeah. Look back.

- (Turns and looks back)

- See?

- Yeah.

- And?

- She's not following us.

- What do you mean she's not?

- She's not.

- Yes, she is!

- She's not following us.

- Damn me if she's not.

- She's not. She's just watching how we're so perfect for each other...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scene 4

Remember that empty house? I’ll always remember, specially, of the cold days we spent there. I filled that house with good and bad memories. Yes, bad memories, to never forget the harm you caused me. To never forget your cowardice and fear of truth. To never forget that you always believed in what you’d see, what you’d hear, and not what you felt. To never forget how much you lied. To never forget that you only fedo f the past and deprived yourself of living the present To never forget all the accusations i heard from you. The wounds that, thanks to you, will be opened through my entire life.

Thanks for breaking my heart. Thanks for shredding me into so many pieces. Now i got stronger. And thank you, above all, for showin’ me that Real Love does exist, and that despite all that happened, that happened between us, and no one can change that.

I say i love you cause i feel this love inside me”.
You shouldn’t have take this long...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scene 3

You only say you hate me and wish me dead, with no further motive or explanations, so i'll give you a real reason for you to hate me this much:

You hate me 'cause i always tell the truth and never had to lie to have you.
You hate me 'cause he fell in love with me when you wished he had told you he loves you, just like you wished to have heard the wedding proposals i got.
You hate me 'cause you can stand that i exist, and very close to him.
You hate me 'cause he knows all the harm you caused.
You hate me 'cause he tells you he loves me while he never loved you. He'll never love you.
You hate me 'cause you wish you were in my place.
You hate me 'cause i know his soul.

All the deffects you number on me, are in truth deffects that are yours and you can't get rid off. So the best you can do is put all of them in one person. The person which, in fact, you wished that were as evil as you idealize. The person you wish to be the worst of evils, so that not even for a second he believes that it's you that deserves his love.

You know the lies that hide in your soul and conscience, and that's why you are already paying for everything.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Scene 2

And there we were, on that stairway, sitting under an incredibly starlit night. You were explaining to me the relations between the egyptian pyramids and the stars... I confess i wasn't even paying much attention to what you were saying... In fact, those words only were important 'cause they were coming from you. It was already late, and you went to take me home, and we walked under that beautiful sky... On our goodbye, we held each other and kissed (accidentally) like we were waiting for that moment our entire lives. What we didn't know, was that that kiss would change forever, and definately, our whole lives.